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Jared numa revista belga

Aqui ficam uns scans duma revista belga do Jared Padalecki. Como não devem perceber nada desta língua abaixo encontram a traudção para inglês.

"He started his first acting lessons at the age of 12 and moved to LA at 16 to pursue his big dream: Becoming a movie star. And it seems like the handsome Jared Padalecki succeeded cause after "Cheaper by the Dozen" and "New York Minute", he is starring in "House of Wax" and soon in "Cry Wolf"

About love on and off stage: Jared Padalecki

"Sandy is my REAL girlfriend"

Jared: I’ve always been really fascinated with movie stars. As a child I wondered constantly about what life would be like as a star. To make money "just by acting".. My curiosity only increased by growing older and when I was 12, I started doing acting lessons. It was awesome. I felt like a fish in the sea when I was on stage. When I was 17 I participated in an acting competition Claim To Fame and… I won!!

My prize was a ticket to a big award show. There I met Freddy Prinze Jr.’s manager. He offered me almost immediately a contract!

When did your career start?

Jared: The first audition that I took part in, was one for a new TV show "Gilmore Girls". To my surprise they cast me as Dean Forester, the first boyfriend of Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel).

And then the rumors started about you two being a couple…

Jared: (laughs) And apparently they are still going around today.

And, are they true?

Jared: It’s a know fact that there was a connection between me and Alexis, but just as good friends. I’m currently very happy with Sandra (McCoy). She’s also in my new movie called Cry Wolf.

Currently House of Wax is still in the theaters. How was it to star in a horror movie?

Jared: Like a roller coaster. When we were shooting I constantly felt like a small boy in a theme park. I fell from one surprise into another, my heart pounded and the adrenaline rushed. It was like I was in another dimension and that the real Jared didn’t exist for a while. Very weird… And hard at the same time. Cause for other parts you can use your personal experience, "but in House of Wax" that wasn’t the case at all. You really have to hold on to the script and listen to the director and the crew’s advice. It felt a bit strange at first, but that feeling went away pretty soon.

How was it working with Paris Hilton?

Jared: We actually didn’t work together… Apart from one scene in the trailer park, we shot most of the movie separate from each other. But I did get to work with Elisha (Cuthbert). We had a great time, cause she is super funny. She’s a lot shorter than me, so I constantly made fun of her, like "Hey you’re way too short" and she said "You’re just too tall!". We laughed a lot. By the way, I know her fiancée Trace Ayala, very well. And Ayala knows my girlfriend Sandy too. That made everything very relaxed. We played each others lovers, and normally you have to keep on sending out an "it’s nothing personal, I already have somebody in my life, we are just faking it" vibe. Elisha and I didn’t have to worry about that and that was very relaxing.

Can you tell us something about your next movie, Cry Wolf?

Jared: It’s a thriller with an underlying message. I play Tom, an arrogant, spoiled kid who has too much of everything: too much talent, too much money, too much influence and too much pride. And that’s what gets other people in trouble. Everything revolves around a serial killer, The Wolf. We had a lot of fun while filming cause we worked a lot with a green key. You’re sitting there alone on set and the director says "ok, see that blur over there on the wall? That’s the killer. Attack him!" At first you feel a bit stupid and you go like "Um, yeah, nice blur, not a killer." But that’s all I’m gonna tell you, you guys have to check it out yourselves when the movie comes out!

We sure will!"

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