sábado, 22 de dezembro de 2007

Classificação das personagens

O site da CW andou a classificar personagens de várias séries e do nosso SN classificou três: Sam, Dean e Bela. Aqui fica a sua classificação:

Sam ficou numa categoria um pouco esquisita: "Unclassifiable" (This pair of Sams leaves us scratching our heads -- they just don't fit into any category.)"On the Nice side, he saves the world a lot, he's a good brother (usually), he's honest (usually) and kind, and he fights to save people from evil beasties. Unfortunately, he may be the Antichrist, which makes it difficult for us to wholeheartedly endorse him as nice. Plus, he does seem to be killing a lot of people and/or things lately… "

Dean ficou na categoria: "Nice because they're naughty!" (These characters' irresistible naughty streaks keep us interested, even if we wouldn't necessarily trust them.)"OK, so he's a good-time guy, but he's still heroic. Surely all the world-saving he does makes up for his more questionable habits? Besides, it's his naughty side that makes a lot of us love him so much!"

Bela foi pelos passos do Dean: "Naughty" (The most naughty characters on The CW showed no mercy, whether they were reality show hosts, cheaters, or flawed millionaires.) : "OK, we get that you had a rough life. The thievery we could overlook, but shooting Sam and siccing Gordon on the boys? Nothing but lumps of coal for you, young lady."

Créditos: SN Fans PT