quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2007

Come again...?!

Não entendi esta... Segundo a Kristin da E!Online, o último episódio da 3ª temporada irá para o ar dia 17 de Janeiro. Mas como é que isso é possível, se o próximo episódio está agendado para dia 31 do mesmo mês?!

Ou isto é um mal-entendido ou um engano. Vejam só:

Kiley in Washington, D.C.: OMG, why did they put Lost on Thursdays at 9?! That's when The Office and Grey's are on! My DVR only records two shows at once. What am I going to do? What the hell were they thinking?

Kristin: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No need to worry, mon amie! As Damon Lindelof himself told me, "Anywhere not against Idol is awesome." This could be just about the best thing ever to happen to Lost, because there won't be much of anything left on Thursdays by the time Lost returns Jan. 31. Check out the (heartbreaking but true) evidence of how TV is drying up:

The Office: The last episode written before the strike aired weeks ago (sniff).

My Name Is Earl: Last ep airs Jan. 10.

30 Rock: Last ep airs Jan. 10.

Scrubs: It moves down to the 8:30 slot Jan. 17 and airs its last prestrike episode Feb. 7.

Grey's Anatomy: The last ep airs Jan. 3.

CSI: It only has a couple episodes left.

Supernatural: The last ep airs Jan. 17.

If and when the strike breaks, it will take all these shows several weeks to get up and running, by which time Lost's eight-episode bank will be depleted. "

Meu Deus... Todas as séries estão praticamente a acabar...! ='S