sexta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2007

Mais outra recap

Desta vez saiu uma recap no site da BuddyTV. Aqui fica:

'' A nun walks through a church aisle towards the pulpit at the start of tonight's Supernatural. She turns off and begins loading hymn books into the seats. A priest approaches, and escorts her towards the exit. As they approach, a voice beckons from overhead. It's a guy named Andy, claiming that "God is not with us." The priest tries to reassure the man, but he blows his own head off.

Cut to the Winchester's. Sam (Jared Padalecki) is putting the pieces together that the suicide is an omen while Dean (Jensen Ackles) contradicts and Bobby solemnly studies the Demon shooter. Dean and Sam get together and head towards the site of the suicide. They talk to the priest who confirms some signs of possession. The boys have found their mark, and the timing for the incidents synchronizes with the opening of the devil's gate.

When they arrive back at their hotel they run into a hunter named Richie. Real leisure suit guy, without the leisure suit, but a nice vintage Kolchak hat. They compare notes, Richie has a little bit of info to get the Winchester's started. The town is not what the boys are expecting, it looks more like spring break meets skid row.

The Winchester's run into the priest there, but he's not acting much like a priest, tossing back drinks. There is definitely something wrong in this town. A mysterious man in black watches on from the side lines. A guy comes in and pulls a gun on another guy and shoots him. The boys tackle him but he's not possessed. Turns out the other guy was sleeping with his wife.

Richie, meanwhile, has slinked off with the sultry bartender to her rather gothic house. She is, of course, a demon, and promptly kills him by twisting his head the wrong way.

The next day, Dean is intent on finding Richie and Sam is more focused on that man in black. The boys split up to check things out.

Bobby has the gun working again when Ruby shows up. She informs him the gun won't work. Bobby decides to test fire on her. Naturally it doesn't work. Much to Bobby's surprise though, she offers to help him fix the gun.

Sam tails Trotter, the man in black, to a back room in a seedy hotel but forgets to shut off his cell phone. Dean calls him, Sam avoids detection. Back at the bar, Dean is nearly picked up by a prostitute, but winds up with the killer bartender instead.

Cut to Sam, who seizes an opportunity to get into Mr. Black's business when the mystery man and his muscle leave. He is rifling through the guys office when the two come back. Turns out Trotter isn't a demon either. All this evil, and so far the only demon is the Bartender.

Speaking of which, Dean and the bartender arrive at her lair. Turns out Sam had already been by, he had tracked Richie's cell phone, buried him, and rigged the place with a holding circle. He attempts to dispatch the demon, but she is somehow able to overpower him. Sam can't find his exorcism book. The demon tells Dean that other demons are on the way. The demon explains that all she did in the town was bring vice to a Christian community, and watch it all fall down. Fits with the theme so far.

Sam shows up at the Bartender's house after getting some tips at the bar, but it is a different house from the one that Dean is trapped at. He finds some sulfur there and seems to have a clue. Sam returns to the bar and calls Bobby. He spies the priest and sits down with him.

The demon educates Dean on the Demon faith system. Seems the demons worship Lucifer as their god, but have never seen him. Dean asks what hell is like, and the bartender reminds him that he is going there because of his deal. She says after all the trouble he caused he won't be very comfortable there.

Sam talks to the priest who knows where they may have gone and agrees to take him there. As they get ready to leave, the priests eyes flicker demon black.

Back at the house, the bartender from hell and Dean discuss the Demons' plan. Yellow eyes was the leader, and when he died, Sam was supposed to be the one to step in to lead them. As they talk, Sam arrives, not aware that the priest is a demon. He finds Dean who then warns him to be careful. Bobby shows up and takes a shot at the priest. The priest has some seriously telepathic powers, throwing Bobby and Sam around like rag dolls. Ruby is in tow.

The demon priest is about to kill Dean when Sam shows up and shoots them both with the demon shooter. Dean is a little concerned about how cold Sam was when he killed hem. Dean confides in Bobby that Yellow eyes told him that Sam would be changed by his journey. Bobby says not to worry about it. Demons lie.

At the hotel, Ruby comes in and slinks up to Sam. Sam considers shooting her with the demon killer, and Ruby reminds him that she is going to help with Dean. Sam backs down, but he still does not trust her. She tells him that she will be with him through his journey. A little fallen angel on his shoulder. ''