segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2007

O chat de ontem

A Samantha fez um post no blog dela ( hoje sobre o chat de ontem:

'' Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came on-line today for the webchat. It is really cool for me to meet fans of Ellen and SN. Hope all your questions got answered....and thank you for all the kind comments.....they really do mean a lot.

We'll see this week about SN. Not a done deal, right? This is a weird business and this could go away as quickly as it arrived, but here's hoping.

I saw a comment about bringing Dean back...has he not been around? Busy with the others?....and shame on you for not LOVING Deadwood, Sonya!.....never thought i'd dig it...then Aaron Douglas (BSG) sat me down and made me watch the whole thing.....i loved it. Great bloody actors. Didn't realize Jim Beaver was a regular character til he told me....i don't recognize anyone on there from past stuff.

Okay, it's peeing rain, sunday night, and i've had a long day....sitting down to watch some very bad tv with my cat Kramer and a bottle of very good Port. I'll let you know about SN when i find out.

xo ''

Hehe! A Samantha gosto do vinho do Porto hein!! :P