segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2007

Mais outra review do 'Sin City'

Sim é verdade! Não paro de arranjar reviews do 'Sin City'. Aqui fica mais outra, desta vez da iF Magazine!

'' With ‘Sin City’ SUPERNATURAL shows us more the demon plans that were to be and what was disrupted when the Winchester Brothers messed up the yellow-eyed demons machinations.

In season two we found out that Sam is part demon thanks to a few drops of demonic blood dripped into his mouth when he was a baby. Sam was dead (from being stabbed in the back by another demon tainted child) and now he’s not, thanks to Dean who has traded his soul (like Dad) to a demon in exchange for resurrection of a loved one. This time however Dean only has gotten a year to live past the deal being made. It will be extremely interesting to see how the Winchester boys get out of this one. Plus the question was raised as to whether Sam is completely human or if he’s still a darker version working towards the yellow-eyed demon’s master plan. The gates of Hell were opened and the boys are going to have to track down and kill hundreds of demons that escaped out into the world.

Sam and Dean have tracked a rash of suicides to a small rural town that has been swallowed up by prostitution and drinking. The boys are faced with the challenge of figuring out if demons are involved and who they are. Of course, for some reason I had the priest pegged in the first few minutes. I don’t know why, I just kind of figured he was the most likely suspect.

The best thing about this episode was Ruby turning up and helping Bobby fix the Colt that can kill demons. She also helps lead him to Sam and Dean, and by her involvement allows the two demons to be killed by Sam. I am kind of thinking that she’s actually grooming Sam and twisting him to be the leader of the army of demons that he was supposed to be originally.

My theory comes from the discussion between Dean and the bartender, when she was talking about the demon plan and Sam being the commander. I’m kind of thinking that Ruby was the yellow-eyed demon’s back up in case something happened to him.

This is a really strong season with some very interesting twists and turns and I like the fact that everything is still tying back to the original season and all of the revelations of the last two years still count and are pushing us forward into something even bigger and more deadly. ''

Hummm... Gosto deste último parágrafo!!