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Recap do episódio 'Sin City'

Saiu no site da TvGuide uma recap do episódio de ontem. Aqui vai:

'' What I like about Supernatural is that every season feels completely different from the last. Call it tweaking the formula in order to up the show's game or a natural evolution into something bigger and better, I have no idea. It's enjoyable and refreshing and I can't get enough of this show.

This week Sam and Dean roll into series-creator Eric Kripke's home state of Ohio, where citizens of a small town are acting completely OOC (out of character). The people are all about killing, gambling, drinking and, of course, s-e-x. There was nothing natural about the change in behavior, so enter Sam and Dean. This totally seemed like Dean's kind of town, by the way. He's been doing a lot of all of the above ever since making that deal. And who knew that "Sin City" would be so informative? What we learned:

Azazel = Yellow-Eyes. We finally learned his name!

With Azazel no longer around, demons have no leader. There's total chaos, which, of course, cannot mean anything good for Sam and Dean. Speaking of Sam...

He was the one that was hand-picked by Azazel himself to lead the evil masses. I believe the demon chick called him the "Grand Poo-bah." I seriously want to know how this all happened, how did everything all boil down to Sammy? It had to have begun with Mary. I believe I comment on this every week, but I'm in dire need of finding out what in the world Mary had to do with all of this. My inquiring mind wants to know. And I want to know during November sweeps. Pretty please?

Demons believe in a higher power just like humans do. His name is Lucifer, a name we associate with the Devil. Casey tells Dean that to them Lucifer is a god. And they have faith in him. She also points out that their faith in something they can't see makes them very similar to humans

The demons not only discuss Sam, they discuss Dean. Is this fact important? I'm not sure. But they don't talk about him nicely. Leave it to Dean to get on the good side of Casey, however. She didn't want her "man" to kill Dean, she really seemed to end up liking him.

The Colt can be rebuilt. Again, who knew? But Bobby did it with Ruby's help, which brings me to a whole list of questions I have after watching this episode. Usually I get frustrated when there are a million questions with no answers in sight, but we know better on Supernatural. The questions will be answered. It's just a matter of when.

OK, how in the world were Bobby and Ruby able to rebuild the Colt? What did Ruby bring to the table — are they ever going to tell us? How many bullets do they have now? An unlimited amount, so they can get rid of all these demons that were unleashed in AHBL II?

Why are all the demons that were unleashed gunning for Sam if Sam wants nothing to do with being the Grand Poo-bah? Father Gil told Sam: "It's a good thing he [Dean] has you. His brother's keeper." What does that mean? Anyone have any speculation? Is Dean starting to believe in God? He seems to be wavering. This time around, he said he wanted to, and I believed him.

What is going on with Sam? Remember last season he avoided killing possessed humans? Now he's offing them like it's nothing. Well, almost nothing. I was glad he mentioned to Ruby that they were human and lamented the two that he had to kill. Of course, she pointed out that he was going to have to do things that were against his gentle nature. To which I (again) say, what does that mean?

Other thoughts:
  • No classic rock song during the recap that showcased the Colt, Sam not coming back a hundred percent and Ruby. But when Sam and Dean went to that rowdy bar, did you catch the CCR song? Loved hearing "Run through the Jungle."
  • We met Richie, someone Dean met while Sam was in school. He didn't seem like the typical hunter type, which was probably why I wasn't shocked when Casey snapped his neck. Gross, by the way.
  • Even when Dean is hitting on girls or ogling them, he never really lets it interfere with his job. He was on to that demon chick but good.
  • Dean couldn't remember his Latin for the exorcism ritual — the guy needs to study up. Love how he always sneaks in a Devil's Trap, however.
  • My heart kind of broke when Dean said he wasn't scared of dying. He's so scared, I don't care what he says. He about broke my heart again later when he asked Bobby if something's wrong with his brother. I'm so ready for a big talk between Sam and Dean. I know the chick-flick moments can't happen all that often, but we haven't had one yet this season. Dean keeps opening up a little bit here or a little bit there, but it's usually to someone other than his brother.
  • I really like how the show uses Ruby a little bit here, a little bit there. There's no taking over the show by new characters. Things are still Sam-and-Dean-centric.
  • These demons are getting more and more powerful. They're able to destroy devil's traps as well as use their powers within those little suckers.
  • Did Dean find a motel room that came complete with magic fingers again? Awesome.

Favorite lines:

"Bringing satin back."

"You drink Hurricanes?"

"I do now."

"Have a nice day?"

"What are you laughing at, bitch, you're still trapped."

"So are you, bitch."

"Like it or not, you go where your flock is."

"Nice try, but I think you just ordered a pizza."

I'm curious to find out what you guys thought of this episode. What did you think of Sam offing the "humans?" How about Dean's conversation with Casey while trapped with her in the cave-in? How about Ruby and Bobby rebuilding the Colt? Love Bobby being there for the boys.

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