domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2007

Entrevista ao JDM

JDM deu uma entrevista ao site Movies Online em que fala sobre o novo filme dele (!) (My God..!) 'WatchMen'.

You play The Comedian in the upcoming Watchmen Movie,have you wrapped yet?

Hell no I go back monday. I came in yesterday I go back monday.

Can you give us an update on how filming is going?

Its super huge man it is just mind boggling. Everyday I go to work on that thing and its sort of overhwhelming. I dont think I have ever done anything that is quite like that before. We are shooting the New York set now and all i can say is its the most amazing set I have ever seen in my life. We were doing this Night Exterior the Keen riots and seeing the gaphic novel come to life like I did that night it gives me chills just thinking about it.

It is one of those things, I was just telling somebody, it is so much to be doing it, just showing up at work everyday and getting into character, getting into costume and seeing what im seeing and how its all coming together. I dont know I have the right words to describe the experience till im well done with it.

Talk about your character for those not familiar with it.

Edward Blake is his I guess real name and The Comedian is the super hero character he is. The character I play is 180 degrees from anything I have ever done before, which is why I wanted to do it. It is a whole other thing. He is an animal you know. But i think one of the reasons I got hired, the things he does the physical actions are horrendous certainly the most horrendous things ive ever seen or much less portrayed.

But you dont hate him you know, so my job is to be able to do these f*cking horrible things, yet have the audience not hate his guts. You read the book you dont heat the comeidan there is a reason he does what he does. he just takes it to a level most people wouldnt but for him its normal. The work I am doing on watchmen is mind bending and physically just hard.

Talk to us about putting on the costume for the first time. And the experince of seeing everyone in their costumes.

It was awesome to see everyone in their costumes. Mine is the coolest costume to look at. My costume is insane but it also takes the longest to get in and out of. Michael Wilkinson the costumer who designed the costume stayed very true to the comic book, maybe a little bit updated. The comedian is spot on to the book, spot on...

His costumes are exactly like it is in the graphic novel. But seeing everyone in their super hero costumes, For one its hard to not start laughing at first everyone is running around trying to be a super hero. Its just a really cool experience. For me, as soon as I put on the costume and stuck a cigar in my mouth im him, you dont even want to talk to me anymore. I turn into the character

Have you filmed the Vietnam Sequences yet?

Not yet that will be coming up after I leave here

How has the Canadian dollar impacted the production in Vancouver?

I'm not sure, thats a good question. I couldn't answer that being that it is not my area of expertise. I dont know. I know alot of stuff is still shooting there. There is probably benefits to shooting there of which I am not entirely sure of. I know for awhile they wanted to shoot in New York because they had to build some very elaborate sets of New York. It might have been easier to go to New York. I know they had tons of empty stages which New York didnt have. We have a whole row of sound stages.

What is working with Zach Snyder been like?

He is not only incredibly passionate in staying absolutely true to the graphic novel he is also like a little kid, i dont know where he gets his energy. We are putting in some long hours, alot of nights and everyday hes running around and smiling through all of it. Hes just an amazing director, hes drawn out literally every frame of this movie before he shot it.

I dont think I have worked with anyone more prepared. He has a copy of the graphic novel in his hand all the time. It never comes out of his hand. Hes constantly referring to it and will setup a shot looking at the graphic novel. Its crazy and again its one of those things I will have to process when the whole thing is over and i will sit down and give you an in depth interiew. Its all so mind boggling i need to step away from it to put it into words im still blown away from it.

Have you had any seens with Jackie Earle Haley aka Rorschach Yet?


Look for Sheila Roberts in depth interview with Jeffrey later this week. Below are the first four photos from the movie that Warner Brothers was nice enough to send to us!

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