quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2007

Samantha diz não...

Parece que afinal Samantha Ferris já não vai participar no filme ''Hollywood Bratz'', porque parece que o contrato que lhe estavam a oferecer era insultuoso com ela própria diz.


'' Sorry guys.....but thanks for all congrats on the show. Doesn't look like i'll be doing the Paris Hilton thing after all.Don't worry, it was my decision but i'm sorry that i don't get a chance to whip those girls into shape.

It's a long political story, but at the end of day, the deal they offered me to do the role was insulting. The actor's union in B.C. that i belong to has a few agreements in place that make no sense to their actors. Sometimes we wonder who's side they are on. Anyway, they cut a deal with the production company to pay crap money for this movie and treat us like dirt. I am not that girl. Yes, i would have liked the work but i will never be treated badly or accept a deal that jeopardized my self-worth as an actor. I've worked very hard to get here and i'm not going to take a beating now. No way. That goes for ALL OF US, by the way. No one should have to take less than they are worth.

Never mind, kids! It's all good.....i'm fine with it....my pride intact. Other work will come along. Not worried about it.

Strike? Worried about that...but we'll talk later...i have to run off to the gym now...i have to stuff my butt into a bikini in two weeks and i need all the help i can get right now.

More before i leave. xo ''

Fonte: Samantha Ferris Blog