quinta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2007

De volta mais sombrio

Saiu um artigo no 'MyBuddyTV' em que fala das alterações deste nova temporada. Deixo-vos aqui o artigo para que o leiam.

"Supernatural returns in just a couple of weeks with all new thrills and chills. With the yellow eyed demon portion of our story done, what is left but a little bit of war? The new season promises a hardening of the Supernatural mythology, a welcome change for many fans, but it will also deal with the catastrophic changes of character that come in the wake of killing the demon that murdered your mother. Read on for more of what to expect.Fans will definitely want to keep an eye out for my upcoming interview with Supernatural Executive Producer Robert Singer. Not only is there a character named after him, but also Singer is bonafide horror genre royalty and has some terrific insights into how the genre works.On the subject of the show, Singer revealed a lot as to whether there would be the usual split of episodic versus mythology driven episodes. Surprisingly, he said the move towards a solid mythology would not be taking place. I don't want to give away any of the further tid-bits he allowed out, they are certainly better heard from the man himself.Knowing that Supernatural will not be moving towards a more mythology driven structure may be an indication that the writers have caught on to an even more polished rendition of the Heroes formula. Where Supernatural drug out one facet of its mythology over two seasons, it could very well be that Supernatural will now be focusing on a smaller arc that is resolved prior to the end of the season.In addition to the change in the way mythology is combined with the episodic nature of the show, watch out for new twists in the character construction as well. The early word is that the Winchester boys will be getting even tougher this season. A refreshing bit of info given the girl-phobia set off by the introduction of two new female regulars. "

Que acham? Eu só sei que com a nova promo, as entrevistas do Jare e Jensen e afins vou ficando cada vez mais curiosa... Aiiii! xD