quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2007

A estreia é já amanhã

Bem, como eu gostava de viver nos EUA em certas ocasiões!! Principalmente porque amanhã estreia a 3ª temporada de Sobrenatural!! Meu Deus que inveja... Entretanto saiu um artigo no Buddy TV, que não adianta nada de novo, mas que vou publicar aqui à mesma! :P

The third season of Supernatural is nearly upon us with just two days to go before it premieres on Thursday, October 4 at 9pm on The CW. The wait will soon be over and we'll all be back on a danger-filled adventure with the Supernatural boys, Sam and Dean Winchester. We'll all also finally see their new much-talked about female counterparts in action to see just how much conflict or cooperation they give our series heroes. Before we fully immerse ourselves in the continuing Supernatural saga however, let's take one final look at what we can look forward to in the next chapter of the show.First off, regarding the nature of incoming female characters, Bela and Ruby, played by Lauren Cohan and Kate Cassidy respectively, show creator and executive producer, Eric Kripke has already assured fans that they are "not turning into One Tree Hill with monsters.” He clarified that they are simply broadening the world of Supernatural to hopefully follow in the footsteps of previously successful genre shows like The X-Files, which has been elevated to iconic stature. Kripke has also promised that the upcoming season will be Supernatural's most thrilling yet, saying "It's war. We're at war...we feel this is the most exciting season yet."Of course, part of the excitement comes for the ticking time bomb that is Jensen Ackles character, Dean, who has a date with the grim reaper in one Supernatural timeline year. With his death now seemingly imminent, Dean is hell-bent on enjoying his remaining time on the planet with as much fun and pleasure as he can muster. On the other hand, his brother Sam, played by Jared Padalecki, will probably have his hands full not only with their usual band of supernatural adversaries, but with keeping Dean in tow and focused on their mission. According to Padalecki, "Sam is in this weird situation" because he is desperate to save his brother but Dean "is acting like [he] doesn't want to live, like [he] doesn't care."

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Créditos: Buddy TV