quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2007


Aqui vai uma review muito atrasada feita pela iF Magazine.

'' 'Fresh Blood doesn’t actually introduce any new blood to SUPERNATURAL, but instead changes the blood that was already on the show. For those not in the know SUPERNATURAL is a series about Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles) who travel around the country battling all the forces of darkness in their many forms.

Last season the series introduced another hunter by the name of Gordon Walker (Sterling K. Brown) who at the time of his introduction worked with the Winchester Brothers to fight against vampires. Later he came back while Sam was infused with demonic power and tried to kill him. That particular quest never left Gordon Walker and now he’s back still intent on killing a Winchester. Of course sneak thief Bella (Lauren Cohan) get drug in to the mix by selling Sam and Dean’s location to Gordon and then she puts in a few other cameos through the episode. The most important thing in this episode is that Gordon gets turned into a vampire and uses his newfound powers to try and kill Sam and Dean. In the end the boys win and Gordon looses his head.

This episode Dean finally faced up the fact that he is essentially dying and will be leaving Sam behind. There was actually a moment where I thought that Dean was going to cry. This was an unusually open and emotional moment for the boys when all of the shields were down and they were just two brothers relating to each other.

This episode also had a nice bonus of having as the first vampire and victim BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER alum Mercedes McNab. McNab’s cameo is a cameo because she plays an unwitting dupe to the entire vampire scheme at hand and then of course she has to be dispatched. It was nice to see her back in fangs however.

Now the series is on hiatus for a bit and people who have missed the first few episodes of the season can catch up. The next episode will be in December and a Christmas episode. Then depending on the writers’ strike, we’ll see how many episodes are left for the season. Hopefully, the tenth episode featuring Jason Vorhees will make it to air, that’s what I’m really sitting and waiting patiently for. ''