quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2007

Samantha Ferris no EyeCon

Confirmada pela mesma, Samantha Ferris estará presente em mais uma convenção, desta vez a ''EyeCon'' que contará também com as presenças do Jared, Alona, Chad...

Leiam a entrada que ela postou no blog:

'' Hello you lovely beasts,

Had so much fun at the last one....had to do it again!

I am now officially signed on to do Eyecon in Florida. First weekend in April. It is a real Supernaturalfest. Jared, Chad (Ash), Alona (Jo) and myself. ...and the smoking hot gal who plays the Crossroad Demon.

Should be a darn good time.

Somebody had mentioned that on this forum....and.....well...hell yes....i'm in!

Hope some of you can make it...especially the ones who couldn't make it to Chicago.

Very psyched to see Alona and Chad....haven't seen them for a while and it's about time!

Have had a few interesting auditions lately and i'll keep you updated....just wanted to let you know about Eyecon. looking forward to it. ''