quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2007

Os livros do SN

Há um artigo no site Starpulse em que falam das séries que originam livros, e o SN está lá presente! Neste artigo fala sobre o livro Supernatural: Origins os 6 livros de Banda Desenhada.
Aqui fica o artigo:

'' The CW's Supernatural has also jumped on the prequel comic wagon with a six-issue long series that explores the show's mythology and the history of the Winchesters. Written by the show's producer, Peter Johnson, "Supernatural: Origins" tells the story of what happened to John Winchester and his boys, Dean and Sam, right after the death of Mary Winchester. The focus is mostly on John and his initiation into the world of the supernatural. The series recounts how John first met Pastor Jim, Missouri and Ellen Harvelle, characters seen during the first two seasons of the show, as well as a shadowy figure who guides him to his "fate," a popular topic of contention on the show. Along the way we find out how John came into possession of Dean's beloved Impala and even get some glimpses into a possible connection between Mary and the dark side. Perhaps most amusing is a reference to when Dean was conceived.

Choosing to focus on John was a smart, if obvious, decision. There's 20-something years of material to explore between Mary's death and the pilot with a long and complicated history. John, too, provides a great subject as one of the series' most complex and controversial characters. Imagine a man so consumed by his desire for answers and so unable to let go of the woman he loves that it absolutely wrecks him and his family. There's no doubt that John loves his sons, but the damage he caused to them cannot be denied. "Supernatural: Origins" delves into John's own guilt about the life he's dragged his sons into.

Tim Sale, a man with his finger in many pies, has a hand in this comic too as the cover artist for issue #2, surprisingly the least interesting looking cover with an oddly cat-like Dean seemingly ready to pounce. The other covers are quite lovely, capturing John's yearning for Mary and desperation, even if the inside drawings leave something to be desired. ''

Créditos: Winchester Bros