quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2007

Novidades fresquinhas do mundo da Samantha

Samantha Ferris, a nossa blogger favorita, postou mais uma entrada no seu blog.

Desta vez, fala sobre o seu masi recente projecto, que é um filme em que fala da Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie e Lindsay Lohan. Também fala da greve dos roteiristas e do seu Natal, que segundo a própria, vai ser passado no México.

'' Not proud of this but i got a great part on a movie called Hollywood Bratz. It is about Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Ritchie. I know, I know.....haven't we had enough?! But this one is interesting in that it actually portrays the girls as the victims here and makes them look like angels! Well, maybe not angels but it makes the girls look like they have done nothing wrong and are being attacked by the media. Must be funded by the Hilton Family. I am playing the greedy spotlight seeking Asst. Distract Attorney who is trying to make the girls look bad...as if they weren't doing that all by themselves. Sigh.

My friend Lisa in L.A. lived three houses down from Paris. Paris just moved out and the neighbourhood is thrilled because it was a freeway of pararazzi going up and down the road all the time. Literally, all day and night. I thought this was very funny. My friend did not.

The mediators for the writers strike met on monday. It is a blackout on media coverage so we know nothing, but i think it is a good sign that they were at least at the table this early. Cross your fingers. Without new scripts Supernatural shoots its last show on the first week of December. Episode 12. I think. Don't quote me but i believe that is what Jared told me.

Supernatural Conventions:

Eyecon in April. Florida. Me, Jared, Ash, Jo and Crossroads demon.Asylum in May. England. Me and Ash so far...

Christmas? Mexico. I do it every year. Two weeks of sun, surf, eating, drinking, sleeping....can't wait. Especially because the weather here is disgusting right now.

We'll 'talk' before then.

xo ''

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