domingo, 25 de novembro de 2007

Que confusão...


Bem, isto agora anda uma confusão para se saber se o Jason entra ou não no episódio 10. Leiam as seguintes fontes de informação onde diz que afinal o Jason não vai participar... D=

Bloody Disgusting Reports: I hate to be the buzz kill on the Jason Voorhees parade, but we've been informed that the horror icon will NOT be making an appearance in Episode 10 of WB's TV show Supernatural, like previously reported on other sites a few weeks ago. Our regular tipster informed us that he heard (on the picket lines, yeah!) that this special occasion will not happen because of rights issues. I guess you're going to have to wait until February 13, 2009 for your Jason fix when the remake to Friday the 13th hits theaters.

Shock Till You Drop Reports: Eric Kripke had Jason Voorhees fans frothing at the mouth by alluding to a possible "Friday the 13th" cameo in episode ten of the third season of "Supernatural." But what is the truth? If you read closely (here is the original story), show runner Kripke was awfully cryptic about the matter. The quote, "We have a twist on it so it is not really Jason out there", should have tempered any outright enthusiasm over the prospect that Voorhees would rise on the small screen. Nevertheless, we sought clarification on the matter and spoke to John Shiban, "Supernatural" executive producer and contributing writer. So, will the Winchester brothers tussle with Jason? Shiban says with a smile, "That would be cool. I don't think I'm giving anything away when I say it's an episode about dreams and the dreamscape, so you face your nightmares. You'll have to see how we work it in."He adds that obvious rights clearance issues prevented them from using the character, however, as Kripke stated before there will be "a character in a hockey mask. He may not legally be identified as Jason, but the "Supernatural" team hopes fans will get the drift.

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