segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2007

Greve com fim à vista?

Saiu um artigo na Tv Guide, sobre a greve e um esclarecimento dela.

'' Will the strike negotiators be home for Christmas? A "very reliable source" tells Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily blog that there appears to be a deal in place between both sides. "It's already done, basically," says the insider, crediting weeks' worth of back channel note-sharing conducted by Hollywood agents. "I was told not to expect an agreement this week," says Finke, "but my source thought it was possible that the strike could be settled before Christmas."

In other words, maybe, just maybe, TV viewers won't be handed a big lump of coal as this holiday season — at which time the fresh scripted offerings will really start to dry up — rolls around. "I don't want to raise false hope," Finke adds. "But this source has been very accurate in the past." ''

Ai Meu Deus... Espero que esta greve termine rápido!!