domingo, 11 de novembro de 2007

Convenção Supernatural/Smallville/Buffy/Angel

Leiam algumas coisas acerca da convenção Supernatural/Smallville/Buffy/Angel que está a decorrer.

Parte 1

'' Hello from the Supernatural/Smallville/Buffy/Angel convention just outside of Chicago! So far, we've had the chance to sit in on a Q & A with Samantha Ferris. And she's pretty awesome. Some highlights:

*A fan asked about Samantha's experience on Stargate, and she shared that she'd briefly dated the executive producer. "Funny, I didn't come back after that season," she quipped. "And he's marrying Sharon Stone now -- that's my claim to fame."

*One fan who said she didn't like Ruby much but loved Bela went on to say she'd love to see Ellen "hook up with Bela." Yeah, she meant as partners in crime, but that didn't stop dirty minds (including Samantha's!) from having a field day with that one...

*When staff tried to walk Samantha off the stage at the end of her Q & A, she insisted on answering a few more fan questions and satisfying one fan's request for an onstage hug.

*Her final question from a fan didn't get an answer: "Which character on Supernatural would you want to take with you on a desert island?" Instead of committing to just one, Samantha speculated about a couple options and ultimately decided she couldn't choose: "Different guys for different reasons, right? I'd take all of them!" The crowd roared its approval and gave her a standing ovation when she finally stepped down.

We've also had some fun chatting with fans, and we even got the chance to chat with Andi of Plastic!Winchester fame. In an hour, we'll check out Fredric Lehne (YED), so we'll post about that soon afterward. And of course, we'll be here early tomorrow for Jared and Jensen's appearances. There's more coming up from the con -- keep checking back!

Parte 2

We've finally got an internet connection again, so we're back with more news from the Supernatural/Smallville/Buffy/Angel convention! We've talked to a whole bunch of fans, learned about some great fan projects, and sat in on the Fredric Lehne Q&A. We loved him as the Yellow-Eyed Demon, but we may love him even more in real life -- he was incredibly open and funny. Here are some highlights:

* Fredric waltzed out on stage with a guitar, and serenaded the fans with "Sympathy for the Devil." It seemed appropriate -- and the fans went wild.

* He talked about filming a guest appearance for another show outside a school, and having kids look out the window and yell "Hey, it's the Evil Man from Supernatural. Hi, Mr. Evil Man!"

* He seemed genuinely shocked when a fan described him as "sexy and snarky." "I've got this face, and they don't let me kiss the girl anymore, so they let me be snarky." Hey, Fredric -- it's the snark that makes you sexy!

* We thought the Yellow-Eyed Demon was fun to watch -- but apparently he was even more fun to play: "It was an opportunity for me to just chew scenery shamelessly -- I was having fun. It's fun to play the bad guy, and it doesn't get any badder."

* But there were downsides: Fredric said he couldn't see when he was wearing the yellow contacts! He could see light, so the production folks had to put a beacon on top of camera so he knew where to look while they were filming.

We'll be back tomorrow to see Jensen and Jared talk to the fans -- more news then! ''

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