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Entrevista ao Jared, parte 2

Aqui fica a segunda parte da entrevista ao Jared. You're really switching gears for your next movie, aren't you?

Jared Padalecki: Oh yeah. I've gone from a thriller/sci-fi/horror television show to a Christmas movie, which is about a complete 180, but that was part of the appeal — to see if after 44 episodes of the show, I could go back and do something completely different. It was so fun. You play the massively successful artist Thomas Kinkade, whose work I find a little eerie, truthfully.

Padalecki: [Laughs] He's the best-selling artist in the world. The movie is called Home for Christmas, and it's about his early years when he started painting to save his mom's house. It's been optioned as a trilogy. Have you ever been to one of his galleries?

Padalecki: There was one where I grew up in San Antonio, and I went to a number after I booked the role. My theory is that there's some kind of demonic energy that makes you buy his art.

Padalecki: [Laughs] There might be. The movie's got a brilliant cast: Peter O'Toole, Marcia Gay Harden, Charlotte Rae, Chris Elliott and Ed Asner. When I read the script, to me it was just a feel-good Christmas movie that teaches a lesson about love and togetherness. But then [when] I got the role and the director said he was looking at Peter O'Toole for my mentor and Marcia Gay Harden for my mother, it became surreal. What a brilliant opportunity to work with actors that I've long idolized. Could you actually talk to the legendary O'Toole?

Padalecki: Peter is exactly how you would expect he would be and exactly how you would hope he would be. He's obviously very wise, confident and passionate, and he's still very funny and sharp. He doesn't want special Peter O'Toole treatment like, "Nobody talk to me, nobody knock on my trailer door." He initiated conversation between takes. It was amazing. I mean, he was Lawrence of Arabia! So this season's Thursday-night 9 pm slot might be one of TV's toughest time slots ever.

Padalecki: It hasn't been easy. Since Day 1 we've had insane competition, and it's clear that it's not going to get any easier for us. But we do have a very loyal audience and we're inspired to keep creating the best show that we can because of it. We always use the analogy that we feel like a very, very talented lightweight entering the ring with the heavyweights. I'm the best in my division, but I'm getting in the ring with Muhammad Ali. Unfortunately, we're up against some huge monsters. I don't think there has ever been a time slot where the No. 1 and the No. 2 shows are on at the same time. So I do the best that I can do and I hope it's well received, but whatever happens happens.
What's the biggest difference between playing Dean on Gilmore Girls and Dean's brother on Supernatural?

Padalecki: I definitely have more guys coming up to me talking about Supernatural than about Gilmore Girls. [Laughs] This is definitely more of a cult following. The fans of Supernatural are much more intense than the fans of Gilmore Girls. Fans of Supernatural can name how we killed each demon while the fans of Gilmore Girls enjoy a storyline. On this show, they quiz me! "Oh yeah, what about the time ya'll went to Missouri and killed a shape-shifter, how you had to…. " Wow, they really know their stuff. What do you do in the few hours you're not working?

Padalecki: I'm not a big "going out" kind of guy. I'd rather stay at home and order pizza and watch a football game, play with my dogs, and then go out and go drinking. But every now and again Sandy and I will go out and get a bite to eat, or Jensen and I will go out to a movie or play a game of golf. But for the most part I'm just not into that, I'd much rather play guitar and go to a bar — I rhymed! Yeah, you're a poet and you don't know it.

Padalecki: Oh, that's good. Don't you see enough of Jensen on set?

Padalecki: Not at all. We're really good buddies and that's been probably the best thing about Supernatural. In the last three years of my life, I've spent more time with Jensen Ackles than with any other human being and vice versa. Luckily, we get along really well and we are very similar guys. We're both from Texas, we both love our families, the same kind of music, and the Dallas Cowboys. It's been a huge blessing to work with somebody who is easygoing on set and who I'm friends with. We know he creams you at golf — what do you best him at?

Padalecki: Guitar Hero the video game, and basketball. I've got an unfair advantage. [Laughs]

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