sábado, 10 de novembro de 2007

Eric fala sobre o SN

Umas fans puderam falar com o Eric e vejam o relato delas sobre o que ele disse.

"He mentioned that they were filming episode 11 right now, and that contrary to what we've all been reading they have one more script left to be filmed, bringing the total count of currently available episodes up to 12. He said that if the strike ended sometime within the month, they could "pick up and start filming without missing a beat." But if the strike lasted into January, they might have to cut back on episodes OR they would have to halt production, leaving the total episodes for this season at only 12. "I guess everyone can sleep, then," I said, to which Kripke replied with, "yeah, Jared and Jensen can get some sleep, finally."

A 3ª temporada só com 12 episódios??!? NÃÃÃÃO!!!

Créditos: SN Fans Online