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Firefox News

Saiu um artigo no site 'Firefox News' sobre o SN:

Aqui fica ele:

'' Are Sam and Dean on a highway to rerun hell?

If you're up to speed on Supernatural, you know the mytharc has been brewing and bubbling away in Eric Kripke's cauldron, the show has been bringing the scares, and the brotherly interaction between Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester is more complicated than ever as they travel the country saving people and hunting evil things. But this winter, an impending writer's strike could interrupt season three.

Unless a hoped-for resolution happens over the weekend, the Writer's Guild of America is set to begin a strike at 12:01 a.m. Monday. The way seasons are produced, most shows have enough episodes in the can to last well past November sweeps, but networks are expected to hold back episodes to have enough for February sweeps. Which means a long, cold wait for fans in December and January. After February, it's a big question mark.

What's Supernatural's status? According to the L.A. Times, Supernatural has at least up to 3x10, possibly as far as 3x12, already in the can, and maybe five other scripts completed. So if the strike is a long one, Supernatural fans could (but we don't know for sure) get through episode 3x17 before the worst hiatus in twenty years sets in. The bad news is that while Supernatural's ratings are looking solid and holding steady, they're relatively small and the show can't afford to lose even a small portion of its audience. The good news is, the series has devoted viewers who will wait...and definitely return (I know I will).
And almost all prime-time scripted shows will be in the same boat, even the ones with huge audiences.

The other good news is Supernatural has a thriving, creative online fandom. If the winter hiatus gets too long, there are plenty of fanvids, fan sites, fanfic, artwork, and analytical discussion to keep interest high and stave off Winchester withdrawal symptoms. So with a strike probably looming, here are some portals to Supernatural fandom worth checking out.

First up is the livejournal community spndirectory, which lists livejournal communities by category for every type of creative fan work, and has subcategories for every kind of taste. Also on livejournal, there's the comprehensive Supernatural newbie guide, which includes several links to fanfic archives beyond livejournal. Both directories include links to communities for fanfiction, discussion, fanvids, graphics, as well as communities dedicated to specific characters, pairings, and genres. There's also information on plenty of Supernatural fan meet-up opportunities and conventions all over the country, and the world.

On the web at large, there's, a nfun site with news, an episode guide, and image galleries, among other goodies. The smart features interviews as well as details on the myths, legends and monsters of the series, while the Winchester Journals is a terrific site with more interviews, information and background on the show. Supernatural fandom has also been active in charity work. Check out Fandom Rocks for more information on how to donate, and to listen to some cool podcasts. ''

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