sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2007

Mais outra recap

Desta vez fica aqui a recap da iF Magazine.

'' One of the better episodes of SUPERNATURAL so far, even though I mistakenly thought from the ads on TV that it was some kind of spin off series, ‘Bedtime Stories’ had all of the things that makes this show so thoroughly enjoyable.

The Winchester Brothers, Sam and Dean, are on the trail of supernatural phenomenon across the United States, following in the footsteps of their late father. They hunt down the very bad things that go bump in the night and make sure they stop taking innocent lives and causing bad things in general. This particular episode the brothers think that they are hunting down a werewolf, because of an attack on three men where two of them are savaged and partially eaten. Throughout the course of the episode we have several fairy tales anacted through the town, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and of course ‘Snow White.’ There is a vengeful spirit causing all of the fairy tale related mayhem and she is still attached to a living body which makes Sam and Dean’s job that much harder.

The writing on this episode is some of the cleverest, and half the fun of watching it was to see which fairy tale was up next. Putting together the pieces with the boys and seeing how the fairy tale enacted itself in the real modern world was very well done.

This episode also had one of my least favorite things, the Winchester family drama, with Sam and Dean barking at each other about Dean having sold his soul to bring Sam back from the dead. The argument is different this season, but this is the same sort of drama that we’ve had explosive arguments between the brothers on an off since season one. The only reason I don’t like this facet of the show, is nothing ever seems resolved because neither character backs down. You would think that with the brothers spending so much time together they would be beyond the screaming fighting stage…

In any case I did love this episode, and I was very sad to see ‘Snow White’ die. I wanted Sam to wake her with a kiss. And speaking of Sam, what the hell? Is he going dark again? The old Sam would never have been as quick to kill people possessed by demons, as he seems so inclined to be now. No Ruby this episode either, but her presence is always felt. ''