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Recap 'Bedtime Stories'

Mais outra recap do episódio de Quinta, desta vez feita pela 'TV Guide'. Aqui fica:

'' The vibe on "Bedtime Stories" seemed way different than the previous episodes of this season, and last season for that matter. It seemed less intense and in-your-face than what we've been getting this season. It actually sort of felt very Season 1 to me. Maybe because we were dealing with a simple spirit and not the celebrity demons that have been running rampant in Season 3. Maybe because Sam and Dean were together almost the entire hour. Maybe because the brothers donned suits and faked being detectives (using Led Zeppelin aliases Plant and Page) to get to the bottom of the MOTW. Maybe because the Winchesters were angsting, but I wasn't overwhelmed by it all. Maybe because the music seemed straight out of Something Wicked. Or maybe because there was an actual shot of Dean sleeping in their motel room. I don't know.

I enjoyed seeing the dark side of these fairy tales played out in human form. The Big Bad Wolf is a muscled thug with a tattoo of Wile E. Coyote on his arm. The main little girl turned out to be the angry spirit that couldn't let go. Years ago her stepmom cruelly poisoned her with bleach and ever since she remained comatose. Her doctor dad sat by her side reading her fairy tales done the Brothers Grimm way. (Brothers, how appropriate for this show.)

So we get versions of The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and Snow White. Before this, I didn't have much knowledge of the Grimm versions of these tales, just the sanitized versions that we've all grown up with. After watching this, I'm going to rectify that little matter. My friend and fellow blogger Kara Howland said she'll lend me her copy. It's only fair since I got her hooked on Supernatural. The scary old lady in the Hansel and Gretel house cracked me up. The way she went about stabbing Ken was hilarious. I'm sorry, but it was. And the frog's multiple appearances was funny, too. However, I couldn't help thinking that it was all very sad — Dr. Garrison not only found out that his late wife and his daughter's stepmom was psycho, but he had to let go of his daughter, too. Poor guy.

It was nice seeing Sam and Dean plow through an investigation together. But, of course, it was not without angst and yelling and Sam sneaking out on Dean. Sam's just frustrated. He knows if the situation were reversed, Dean would do everything he could to stop Sam from dying (in fact he did). So why can't he let Sam do this for him? Sam wants to do everything he can to fight this but the whole time he's got his brother trying to talk him out of it. Dean has to know that Sam does what he wants to do when he wants to, right? To me, Sam's got no choice but to go behind Dean's back to try and save him. Period.

Fast-forward to Sam's confrontation with the Crossroads Demon (CD). First of all, it's about time Sam met up with the girl. I wonder if Jared had a lot of fun with the moment where Sam blows the demon away or if it was really challenging to play. After all, she was played by his real-life girlfriend Sandra McCoy. Sam finds out there's no way to get Dean out of the deal and that even if he offed CD, she wasn't the boss. Her boss is the keeper of this deal and he wants Dean's soul! I want to know if there's a reason other than Dean's a thorn in every demon's side. When are we going to find that out? I loved, loved, loved when Sam used the Colt on CD — he had that "I'm not quite right" look on his face that we've been seeing all season long after he makes mincemeat out of another possessed human.

Other thoughts:

• Something else that's sad: You can already feel Dean starting to disconnect from his life. He's not quite a hundred percent Dean either. Take that scene where the doctor tells the brothers he should have let his daughter go a long time ago. Dean tells Sam he should take his advice. Did you catch the look on Sammy's face? Heartbreaking. But then we see Dean walking down the hall, by himself. Further disconnecting himself from what's going on. Crushing.

• There was that other scene in the hospital when Detectives Plant and Page were questioning one of the Three Little Pig dudes. He'd just lost his brothers and asked them how they would feel. Sam said: "I can't imagine anything worse." I really wanted Dean to say that he didn't have to imagine it. He knew exactly how it felt.

• Sam's drawing of the Big Bad Wolf perp was hilarious. Although, I seem to remember him not doing that poor a job when he drew their old house in Lawrence after he had that nightmare in "Home." For some reason I thought Sam would be a better artist.

• If I recall, Dean got to kiss both CDs he met up with. Sure, Sam didn't actually make a deal with this version, but you'd think TPTB would have worked some sort of kissing scene in.

• Figures CD would know about Ruby, but how does she/it know Ruby? Can't wait to find out the mystery. I loved all the speculating you guys did about who she really is in last week's blog. When are we going to find out? And how delayed is the answer going to be with the writers' strike coming our way?

• What did you think about what the CD had to say to Sam about being sick of cleaning up Dean's messes? Is Sam going through the motions? Would he be relieved? What did you think of that whole exchange? Was all of what she said lies? ''

Créditos: TV Guide