terça-feira, 13 de novembro de 2007

Vejam esta entrada! :D

A Samantha escreveu no seu diário um pequeno relatório sobre como foi a convenção.

Aqui fica ele:

'' Hey gang,

Got home from the Creation convention in Chicago last night, and i am still wiped out. Now THAT....was a lot of fun. Wow. There are some hardcore SN fans out there....never realized it. Even more interesting is that there are some real Ellen fans out there, too! Yay!! It was very humbling for me and really touched my heart. People came from all over the world for this event....Japan, Belgium, Germany, loads from England, Sweden, Australia, Greece! Some gal came all the way from Greece by herself to be apart of this convention. That moved me.

And they brought presents! I got a bundle of stuff; scented candles, hand drawn pictures, a hair clip and mirror from Japan. A shirt, computer graphic photos of Ellen. Red Bull (badly needed last night on way to airport), candy, cards...etc... and the topper was a beautiful bouquet of 12 red roses. I won't mention a name here (i think it is their online name), but if you are reading this "K", thanks. They were beautiful and that was very sweet.

I don't know if you guys want a play by play of the convention so i'll give you a brief overview. Myself, Fred and Nick (Buffy?) arrived friday night at the hotel. J and J arrived friday too but different hotel. Frederic and i had a big day on saturday. Q & A on the main stage....that was a lot of fun! Kept sticking my foot in my mouth. Lots of people....very warm response....i was humbled. We had a lot of laughs. Pictures after that. Got to at least say hi to people.......but was quick.....it is frustrating...you are on a real tight schedule so you can't really get into any conversation. Frederic and i had an autograph session. Got to talk a little more, but still, they really rushed everyone through it....but i did get to find out a little more about people who watch the show. Then we did this crazy "speed dating" thing, where Fred and i went around to each table and chatted for two minutes. They tapped you on the shoulder at two minutes and you had to wrap it up and move onto the next table. This was the most heartbreaking part of it all because this is where i would have the best opportunity to chat with people, but just when you got into it, you got the tap on the shoulder. Regardless, it was a good time and i found out some interesting things and met interesting people. Steve Carlson concert that night....i wasn't there but i heard it was great and the boys were around....maybe hiding a bit but they were there.....Steve is a good buddy of Jensen's. Sunday was all about the boys. We all jumped in a limo around 1:30pm sunday and high tailed it to the airport. Barely made the flight......we were all wiped out and slept the whole way home.

I have to mention something that i found very profound. A lot of women had mentioned that they loved Ellen because she was a strong, confident, no B.S. kind of woman.....but look at all the people who came to the convention on their own! There were a lot of them. That shows amazing confidence and strength. My hat goes off to them.

To everyone who made it, thank you. I am humbled by your support and kind words. To those of you who didn't make it, there will be others and you were represented well. Asylum in May? I will be there (England), as will Ash. Should be good.

Okay, i have talked enough here. ''

Que fixe! :D