quinta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2007

Ellen voltará no 14º episódio

Mais que confirmado! Ellen vai voltar, para o 14º episódio da 3ª temporada.

Vejam a confirmação, feita por ela própria, no seu blog:

'' Yes, i am in fact technically booked for SN....episode 14....better late than never, i guess, huh? ''

Contudo, a actriz fala da greve dos roteiristas e como isso pode afectar a sua participação no SN:

'' Now, I say 'technically' because there is a big doozy of a writer's strike set to hit....could happen as early as tonight at midnight. That will screw up every single tv show you see shot in North America....including SN. So, the longer they are are strike, the further the episodes get bumped......see where i am going with this? We may never get to shoot an episode 14...fingers crossed. ''

Samantha aproveitou e respondeu a duas questões feitas pelos fans:

  1. '' How do i prepare for the Ellen character? Ya know what? I don't....she is already a part of me. I am her. Nothing really needs to be done....and my love for the boys and my daughter just naturally comes with that. Yes, Ellen is a created character, but we have a lot in common....ole Ellen and I. ''

  2. '' What car would Ellen drive? Personally, I think one of the old GMC Jimmy's.....those big ole suburban types...with the faux wood panelling on the side.....but completely redone in sparkling white..lotsa shiny chrome...leather interior.....kick ass stereo.....otherworldly engine. She'd have a name....just don't know what it is yet....kripke liked the idea. ''

Créditos: Samantha Ferris.net